Poem ID: 016
Written date: 2013-04-08
Title: One’s Most Cherished Friend

Oh you dear friend,
My forever mate,
In you, my trust and my faith concealed
Like the treasures that its owner hides in the inmost intimate cherished part of his soul

Oh you my dearest friend,
Like the roses, you fill my life with your
tender sweet fragrant smell
With the fresh dews that you embrace,
Your counsels are fresher than the sweet breeze that passes through the pines
Your comforts strengthen my every single move; in your guidelines I shall draw a confident path
For, like a fortress you are for my grieving heart

Oh you my dear,
I ‘am fortunate to have you by my side
Even though my pride,
Your support never allowed me tumble

For you have been and you are my friend, my most loyal friend

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