it’s Cédric Poottaren

a technician, software developer and system administrator


C#, Python & Java programmer.

Monitoring Freak

Zabbix & Datadog experienced implementor


Certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect & Red Hat Administrator

Research & Development

10+ years in Computational R & D

About Me

Just to be quick and dirty, I started my I.T career in 2008 somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean in my home-country Mauritius.
Oh it was the good ol'days!

With my pretty rackled century old computer, I began to dream and inspiration came from these very dreams. I wanted to be a software developer, so since a very young age I started coding. Well not exactly "coding" I mean I wrote batch scripts and somehow I found out a way to make them work together like real software with their makeshift icon and all. I couldn't be more satisfied with what I was able to do back then and I think that's what really matters, not the level of education you might have or your IQ level but it's the passion you put into what you do that really really matters.

Well I am sure now you must be bored with my rambling around. So just so you know, I like books! I am a bookacholic really and apart from that you can catch up with me in coffee shops sipping some mochaccino or we might even say Hi to each other if you happen to like ridding bicyles around my home town.
Thanks for reading my page.


Things I

Coffee & Food

I love Coffee, Chinese & Italian cuisine.


For the love of Bicycles!

Reader & Writer

Poetry writer & reader of YA, Romance and Sci-Fi.

Amateur Astronomer

Loving the Sky and everything in it!

"Keep Moving Forward!"

It's from a movie I know! I know!


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