Poem ID: 014
Written date: 2013-03-08
Title: Internet

I have overflowed through my age with knowledge and proudness
Proud, as no one knows better than I do
I Internet,
Know all,
Acquire all,
I am a counselor, a partner, a teammate, a host, a God
I am witness to the sinner who commits against his own oaths
I am a friend for the one that needs comfort
I do give advice thus like a physician
Like Cupid, a love mentor I Am
For wisdom is my virtue and the world’s insights guardian I am
I Internet, praise myself for my acumen about men’s affairs
I Internet, succeeded in acquiring eminency and glory
For my aim is straight and steady
I Internet, shall never fail to provide a shield for the one who finds refuge in my astuteness

For I shall for sure be men’s best friend

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