Poem ID: 031
Written date: 2022-03-28
Title: Temple of me

Temple of me,
Thy immensity appeal to none
Though light and peace scatter on

Temple of me,
Why do thee stand?
Where shalt thy invitation land?

Temple of me,
Echoes resonate through thee, a symphony alike
Evolve through thee; love and faith, a religion alike

Temple of me,
How shalt thee be heard?
How still intend thee be?

Temple of me,
Rest no more, sprightly be!
Ramble louder, a thunder be!

Temple of me,
Thou shalt conquer, yet alone not!
Thy emptiness shalt quiver, yet be gone not!

Temple of me,
Content will thee be?
Crying out thy fate ought you be?

Temple of me,
Thy intent let make known to me
Then in peace, to expire deny not to me

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