ChatGPT is the new "talk of the town", but apparently, Open AI is very picky about which town gets on to the hype.

Following its announcement last November, the new flagship chatbot acquired more than 1 million users in just three days while it took Facebook about a year to reach the same amount of users. Mauritian users, however, have difficulties in getting hands-on experience with the new product.

Concurrently, some users found workarounds by registering to the service using the phone number of friends living in supported countries like Australia or France while others attempted to use some free VoIP SMS services easily found online.

Here are all the things you will need to register for the service:

  1. An OpenAI account. Sign-up here.
  2. A VPN that will allow you to connect to the service as a user from a supported country like the USA or France. TunnelBear for instance offers a free tier account.

Once registered, you need to head to and then log in with your credentials.

After that, you will be asked for your name and phone number which is going to be the tricky part.

As a disclaimer though, using the methods described above could be a breach of their (Open AI's) terms and conditions.