The Problem

One thing that we surely take for granted these days is internet connectivity. Far are those days with high latency 256 Kbps connections or is it? Guess what? Parts of the world we live in still do not have continuous access to internet or even not at all.

The solution

There have been numerous proposed solution to that issue. Big tech giants like Google, are working hard to connect everyone on the planet. The Loon project, for instance which unfortunately turned out to be non-viable [1].

If some of these projects are struggling, others are thriving which is the case of OneWeb, an ambitious project aiming to launch a cluster of more than 600 satellite in low earth orbit with the sole purpose of woldwide connectivity. The implementation of their technology however is mainly for lutrative commercial purposes like; aviation, marine industries and other scalable enterprise solutions. But I believe this offers hope to people in countries with limited connectivity.

What are your thoughts on this endeavor?

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