Cedric Poottaren

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Tag: Friendship


Poem ID: 026
Written date: 2016-07-06
Title: Distant

Distant sky…
Far Above us so gray
Blurs life and leads astray

Distant so the future seems
Like the crepuscule lucent but dims.
A long way path that ain’t trim

Distant but yet so close
To the touch, but you feel it lose
Thus, are hard times, giving no lapse

Distant and alone they let feel
Entice you believe In no heal
So let me take your hand and lead

So you know I’m not distant from you
A faithful friend to help you through
An ally vowing to be true

From distant gray to blue
Leaving darkness no clue
Of the happiness we pursue

A Brother’s Promise

Poem ID: 024
Written date: 2016-2-9
Title: A Brother’s Promise

To the world’s loveliest little sister,
These words to you belong
Keep them dear
For they are evidence of my love

For whatever you’ve been through
Remember that alone you are not anymore
For apart from a God’s strong hand,
I am by your side
Hoping to guard you safe
Holding you dear

Whenever you feel empty,
I’ll hold your hand
To help you fill the blank pages of your life
With happiness and love
And my reward shall be your sweet tender smile

I’ll be the gatherer of your tears
And your sorrows… I’ll take upon my shoulders
For oh my little sister,
thee are so too precious

So please promise me,
That these words will be your everlasting hope
Living in your heart forever
Alike a secret lover

Thank You

Poem ID: 018
Written date: 2013-05-22
Title: Thank You

I convey to you my every Thank You
For you stay when no one stood by my side
Each time I strive
Your help is what makes my soul survive

A real friend you portrayed
Yet your attention and care displayed
Grateful I am therefore to you
Even that those words are few

With you by my side
I shall fear no more
Even though I should fall,
I won’t shiver anymore

My dear,
Your voice as such sweet honey combs
In them I shall draw my path and destiny
Your shoulder, is where my tears rely
Your warm tender embrace is my biggest delight

From dawn to dusk,
I can’t bear the ‘Thank You’s’ you deserve

Oh so, Thank You

One’s Most Cherished Friend

Poem ID: 016
Written date: 2013-04-08
Title: One’s Most Cherished Friend

Oh you dear friend,
My forever mate,
In you, my trust and my faith concealed
Like the treasures that its owner hides in the inmost intimate cherished part of his soul

Oh you my dearest friend,
Like the roses, you fill my life with your
tender sweet fragrant smell
With the fresh dews that you embrace,
Your counsels are fresher than the sweet breeze that passes through the pines
Your comforts strengthen my every single move; in your guidelines I shall draw a confident path
For, like a fortress you are for my grieving heart

Oh you my dear,
I ‘am fortunate to have you by my side
Even though my pride,
Your support never allowed me tumble

For you have been and you are my friend, my most loyal friend