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A Brother’s Promise

Poem ID: 024
Written date: 2016-2-9
Title: A Brother’s Promise

To the world’s loveliest little sister,
These words to you belong
Keep them dear
For they are evidence of my love

For whatever you’ve been through
Remember that alone you are not anymore
For apart from a God’s strong hand,
I am by your side
Hoping to guard you safe
Holding you dear

Whenever you feel empty,
I’ll hold your hand
To help you fill the blank pages of your life
With happiness and love
And my reward shall be your sweet tender smile

I’ll be the gatherer of your tears
And your sorrows… I’ll take upon my shoulders
For oh my little sister,
thee are so too precious

So please promise me,
That these words will be your everlasting hope
Living in your heart forever
Alike a secret lover

Loving Juliet

Poem ID: 023
Written date: 2015-12-20
Title: Loving Juliet

Juliet, you are the breeze –
Certain but unsteady between trees at night
With your sweetness and grace
You fill my heart with hope and reason to fight
Ain’t no soul like thee
My heart knew when I saw you first
That you are my life’s sweetie

With your sweet smile, you concealed thy broken heart
Little did I know, you were so hurt,
Cold as ice
Letting no other soul entice

Thy God gifted kindness
Entices me dearly to withdraw thy loneliness
Consider me thy prince,
Holding you dear as the fragile white Lys

My Juliet,
Let your fears be through
Let our soul be true
For witness is this Jealousy in thee,
Refusing hence, to let thy love free

I Juliet,
Beseech you forget never
That love for thee shall end ever
For you are the rhyme of my endless nights
Daydreaming ‘bout you and I in arms so tight

My dear Juliet,
That night of you and I
When the hearts no more lie
When our love so intense
Hand in hand we sensed
A heavenly moment of togetherness

For you, my love shall never fade
Now that our souls are bond to fate
Be my bride
For I promise to ever-stand by your side
Overflowing thy mended heart with happiness

Only then Juliet,
Content my heart will be
So when you smile…
The whole world is mine


Poem note for “Loving Juliet”
This poem is dedicated and written for my fictional girlfriend Kyoko Otonashi or “Juliette Rozier” in the french adaptation.
She is one of the main character in the manga and adapted anime Maison Ikkoku which is an inspiring, fascinating and heart breaking bitter sweet romance-comedy story written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi.

PORLWI By Light – One of its kind cultural event

This December 4-6 as from the 19:00 MUT to 00:00, is being held the first of its kind festival; “PORLWI By Light”. This event is being organised in support of an initiative taken by the UNESCO declaring this year 2015 as the “International Year of Light”.

Official “International Year of Light” logo.



This initiative’s aim, according to the official website is to:

[raise] global awareness about how light-based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health…

PORLWI By Light is said to be of support to the above statement but suddenly PORLWI By Light appears more of a cultural event to me, putting more emphasis on the Mauritian society culture and customs.

It was amazing to see Port-Louis so lively when usually the capital of Mauritius at these hours is nothing more than a ghost town.


The roads was no more seen with buses and cars but only people and merchants. Sounds from everywhere, people buying, watching and talking from here and there.

The first place of interest to visit when beginning from Victoria station is the well known Place D’Armes, which has been changed into a mystical place. From there till the Government House, laser lights amazed everyone and left us in aw.

porlwi-by-light-place-d'armes1 porlwi-by-light-place-d'armes2

We were more astonished and our mouths in agape when we watched the changing laser lights altering the face of the Government House building.
Here it’s laser-light-painted in red.


Then we wandered further at “la rue Royal” and we discovered what was named on the map as “Street Food”.

From Royal road, we wandered to Bourbon Street till we reached “Le Théatre de Port-Louis” where we enjoyed a beautiful show of “Street Light”.


We continued then towards the National History Museum and then toward “Le Jardin de la Companie” transformed into a place taken out of a fairy tale.

The Natural History Museum

“Le Jardin de la Companie”

porlwi-by-light-jardin-companie1  porlwi-by-light-jardin-companie2  porlwi-by-light-jardin-companie3

So here ends my adventure/feature tour of the PORLWI By Light festival. Today’s the last day so if you have some free time or want to spend some time with your family, PORLWI should be on top of your place-of-interest list.



Maison Ikkoku Themes for Firefox Web Browser

Never did I enjoy a manga before, but this very first anime broke my heart, elated my feelings to heights and once again made me remember how Love is a beautiful feeling.


As I result of my addiction, love and admiration for Maison Ikkoku or in french “Juliette Je T’aime” a story by Rumiko Takahashi, I did a theme for my favourite Open Source web browser; Mozilla Firefox.

Here is the link, apply it to your browser and then give me your valuable feedback. 🙂

Download Firefox theme: Maison Ikkoku (Kyoko and Yusaku) 1

Aiming The Stars

Poem ID: 022
Written date: 2014-12-28
Title: Aiming The Stars

Oh you,
So untouchable
So high
Yet so low
Dare did I think about you
Yet me you no know not
For you’re so high like the stars
Those that linger at night
With starlight peering through
I get a glimpse of you

There from the sky
Acknowledge the ground you would not
Yet I see you
Guess you see me too
Yet I am oblivion to you

Is it I am in love with the stars?
How can it be?
Oh no!
One can’t touch the stars
So unattainable
So perfect
So bright

Yet I’ll aim at the stars
I’ll turn bright
I’ll emanate if I need too
For you to see me
A light-bright star like you

So night after night
With starlight peering through
I’ll keep aiming the stars

Reaching out for you