Poem: You're Strong

Poem ID: 025
Written date: 2016-05-14
Title: You’re Strong

Oh you!
Leaving my heart in awe
Mending your path through a rough way
How you’d manage you did thought
But little did you know
How strong is that heart of yours
How its beauty is incomparable fairness
Solid as rock you stay still
As a stronghold, established so firmly
So trial-proof

Wind blows,
Break others down
Tear others apart
But your sweet tender smile is incense for their wounds
There where they tumble, you my little one stay still
There where they feel low, you comfort by your mere presence

Oh heart!
How difficult I know it is to stay firm
To hold on tight to the hope in horizon
As such the moon light In the gray sky so dim
But forget not, as real is the moon
Hope do reside
So touchable, so close, so bright
So keep your head up and stay strong
Eyes forward and ever sparkling
For my heart is forever with you…
Stronger together…

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Cédric Poottaren

Cédric Poottaren

Port Louis, Mauritius