Poem ID: 027
Written date: 2016-08-27
Title: The Wind’s Call

Where are you?
I keep calling in the Winds
North, South, East, and West but mere echoes
I remember a Wind once
Sweet it was
Wondering if it came to you that night
Little I knew, my quest would be so long

T’Emptiness inside of me ache for you
Long for your touch and feel
Thought I found you
Thought I knew you
Still all there’s mystery

Leave me a trace
Even the blurriest, carried with the Wind
Let ‘t entice me
Let the sweet and peaceful Draft carry me

Don’t you feel the urge?
The heat, rushing through you
Don’t you rustle?
Listen to ‘ts nightly song
For they carry our bond

The Wind shall rise
I lose no faith
North or South, East or West
I’ll feel your trace and find you

The Sky may fall then
But the Winds be whispering,
One word…
Your name

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