Poem ID: 013
Written date: 2013-02-26
Title: Duchess of thy-Heart

Duchess of thy-Heart departs from thee, Alas!
Like a dove she soars in the blur sky, living thy realm in oblivion
Without her realizing, you’re being driven down by thy love for her

Duchess of thy-Heart has taken away the joy of her owner
How could thee,
Duke of thy-Heart mend a broken and confused realm?
For Trust betrayed Love, like a divorced couple they were torn apart

Duchess of thy-Heart
I beseech thee to trust this love again
For Duke of thy-Heart lives now on in darkness and there he finds no comfort for his own soul
‘Cause Duke of thy-Heart,
Keeps on waiting for thy love!

Duchess of thy-Heart,
I beseech thee to come back again
Again to thy realm, there where you belong
For love still awaits you
Like a bride be still for your owner

For his own heart he has not withheld from thee.

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