Poem ID: 029
Written date: 2017-10-07
Title: Broken Shuttle

I found a rare stone
A lost star not like many
One with astonishing shininess
She brights and enlightens
Better than the day luminaire
Those around her, gleam
Far than no moons ever can

Like the aroma of tea
She's wild and sweet
Cute and sassy
My star is happy...

But I'm a broken shuttle,
late and far too delayed
For she's dear to a brother
but of a foreign blood

My heart's so exposed
Red like a dying star
I'm a million color of pieces
So I shun far away
Never looking back to my star.

For she's dear to...
Wrapped in warmth
Of a foreign body
For whom there's no will to battle
No reason to worry for my star

She's where she belongs

I'm a broken shuttle...
late and far too delayed

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