Poem: Aiming The Stars

Poem ID: 022
Written date: 2014-12-28
Title: Aiming The Stars

Oh you,
So untouchable
So high
Yet so low
Dare did I think about you
Yet me you no know not
For you’re so high like the stars
Those that linger at night
With starlight peering through
I get a glimpse of you

There from the sky
Acknowledge the ground you would not
Yet I see you
Guess you see me too
Yet I am oblivion to you

Is it I am in love with the stars?
How can it be?
Oh no!
One can’t touch the stars
So unattainable
So perfect
So bright

Yet I’ll aim at the stars
I’ll turn bright
I’ll emanate if I need too
For you to see me
A light-bright star like you

So night after night
With starlight peering through
I’ll keep aiming the stars

Reaching out for you

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Cédric Poottaren

Cédric Poottaren

Port Louis, Mauritius