Cedric Poottaren

Jotting down passion…

Month: May 2013


Poem ID: 019
Written date: 2013-05-24
Title: Memoirs

This Blue sky, inspired by wisdom and truth
is where love stands as bright
as such beautiful doves in the sky
Hope is incense; it provides shelter for those broken hearts

The cleanliness of the heavens
Warms my heart with kindness and remembrance;
Memoirs of you in my mind,
When our days was fair
Where 19th December fades away,
As such a rainfall, blended with the soft, warm embrace of the Sun

Love is awe inspiring thus,
More precious than sapphire, it does stand
Its outstanding presence,
Is as the sweet and pleasuring fragrance of love in the quarter district of happiness
Where one finds comfort for his distorted heart,

There are kept memoirs of you

Thank You

Poem ID: 018
Written date: 2013-05-22
Title: Thank You

I convey to you my every Thank You
For you stay when no one stood by my side
Each time I strive
Your help is what makes my soul survive

A real friend you portrayed
Yet your attention and care displayed
Grateful I am therefore to you
Even that those words are few

With you by my side
I shall fear no more
Even though I should fall,
I won’t shiver anymore

My dear,
Your voice as such sweet honey combs
In them I shall draw my path and destiny
Your shoulder, is where my tears rely
Your warm tender embrace is my biggest delight

From dawn to dusk,
I can’t bear the ‘Thank You’s’ you deserve

Oh so, Thank You

Halo-less Angel

Poem ID: 017
Written date: 2013-05-22
Title: Halo-less Angel

She’s an Angel fallen from the sky
There where she dwells, boys are like spies
She’s an Angel, to whom, a halo withheld

Where she walks, nobody stay
She’s an Angel, her divine beauty enchants
Her lips is a snare for those who do venture
Her eyes are shrill and cunning, such a double-edge sword

My heart to her I surrender not
For her smile, many thought for heaven but leads to oblivion
My soul to her I hence deny
For the love of her unseals the portal of craziness and dementia

Nonetheless, my heart beats stood still
As the Halo-less Angel hovers above