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Month: December 2012

A Girl’s Crave

Poem ID: 011
Written date: 2012-12-20
Title: A Girl’s Crave
You walk down a treacherous roadway,
Asking yourself, “what do I really want?”
Marveling if you really loved that boy
This “As a friend?” Or “as a lover?” thought crosses your mind
at every moment and yet you have already made up your mind

Girls crave!
I know this moment you are passing through
making you to forget how much you needed me
My sweetheart fear not
‘Cause this moment is not going to last
Take me by your side, hold me tight and do not let go
Make me your soul mate and let this love last

because you need me most and I need you

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Sweet Little Wind

Poem ID: 010
Written date: 2012-12-18
Last revised date: 2014-12-13
Title: Sweet Little Wind

My darling,
This windy night is escorted by your essence
Near me though you are not, touch and feel you
Even I can’t
With this Wind passing through my window
Your smile I do feel
Do you feel the same?
There where you are, accompany you does the Wind?
Sweet and cozy wind, passing through your window

My love,
With me though tonight you are not,
Yet, The wind that recurrently says your name
Whispers to me your little thoughts
It passes through my ears like a romantic song saying “I Love You”,
When lovers are sitting on the seashore at twilight, deep into each other’s eyes
this moment when worthless are words,
The sweet and lovely Wind comes along,
Begging for a passionate kiss

My sweet little princess,
I hope you let the window panes open tonight
‘cause the sweet little wind promised to come to you,
To deliver my sweet little thoughts

So that you may know how much I miss you.

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