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Month: August 2012

Abandoned Pet

Poem ID: 007
Written date: 2012-08-20
Title: Abandoned Pet

You’re gone, you’re gone
In the wilderness you was left alone
Left alone with the threats of this world
I blame myself
‘Cause for you I was held responsible though I failed
I failed to give you the love you deserved
Now you’re gone
My best friend
Man’s most cherished friend
I keep this hope, you’ll return,
Day and night, there’s always a thought of you
For I love you,

Forever will


Poem ID: 006
Written date: 2012-08-18
Title: Loneliness

I remember the times
When I was left alone
Left behind others, left among humans
I had this feeling, I had dwell in a world where life is his own friend
A world where’s the kingdom of Silence
Where the domination of Loneliness is omnipresent
For Loneliness and Silence make their path intimate,
A long way life,
Where a brother can’t be found,
Without a supporting hand,
Without a travel mate,
Without no one to share my sadness and regrets
For god withheld himself from giving me a soul mate.

Now the time has come, the time has come
Where I shall remember not when I was left alone, left behind others
For I clutched and crushed Loneliness and his realm and to a shredder it was thrown
The shredder of everlasting life
Where Love established his sovereignty
Where happiness rules as a prince

Now it’s where I belong,

In this realm, I shall remain forever

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