Cedric Poottaren

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Month: June 2011

The Woman Much Missed

Poem ID: 002
Written date: 2011-06-17
Last revised date: 2012-02-11
Title: The Woman Much Missed

Woman much missed, how could I forget?
Seeing all the wonders of that single night I’ve met you.
Thy pictures making slideshows in my mind!

Woman much missed, how could I forget?
Remembering the white gown you wore
Saying to my heart “You’ve got thy princess”
Hoping you’ll take it away forever
Thus I, Feel the sadness of that night imprisoning me still
Hearing your melodious voice falling like a waterfall
Hence I, Could firmly retain your name
As shy as the sky I hide my love
And as patient as the day I shall wait,
wait for the woman much missed

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School Time

Poem ID: 001
Written date: 2011-06-13
Last revised date: 2012-02-07
Title: School Time

Fair was that time
Fair it was
When the shadow appears
Indicating the happiness of the sun
Hearing voices from every sides
Hearing the “dring dring” of the bell
Hearing the thudding sound of the ill ground
Hearing the click of the doors